The prime reason why most people give up too soon on their new year’s resolutions is because they set unrealistic goals. Expecting too much without actually realizing how much effort that needs to be put into the completion of the resolution leads to a letdown. In addition, it’s helpful to consider a lighthearted approach – being able to laugh at yourself and find humor in your approach to your New Years Resolution.

It is the very attitude that needs to change. First for all, you need to focus on the rewards instead of taking the resolutions as a task or burden.

It is a good idea to link every resolution with something positive. And you could very well start with the celebrations. For instance, if you have plans to celebrate the New Year’s Eve in Denver, then you should make a list of things you would like to do and assign one resolution to each of those things. Find a New Year’s Eve party in Denver that you might like to attend, invite someone to go with you, and prepare a costume or outfit that makes you feel happy and positive.

Begin a pre new-year resolution exercise to get into the habit of something you should do. In other words, start working for your goals before the New Year begins and divide those goals into smaller ones, the first to be achieved before the New Year’s Eve. If you are not able to finish one level of one resolution, then you would have to give up on one of the activities that you have planned. The same rules apply to the rest of the goals and activities assigned to them. Be strict and honest with yourself. This way, you would be more likely to stick to the resolutions before you have even announced them. Once you get into the habit of sticking to the resolution, you are more likely to continue after the celebrations have faded.