Why should every New Year’s resolution be so serious? In a stressful modern life, wouldn’t it be better to trade the seriousness for fun and enjoyment? Instead of promising you the dedication for grim and hard to achieve goals, it would be a better idea to paint the town red this New Year’s Eve without any worries. It would be the first step towards your simple resolution of leading a more stress-free life in 2017. And the enchanting White Rose Gala should give you a head start.

Just like every time, the Gala is going to be a wonderful event filled with all that you need to make your celebration highly memorable. Apart from the obvious grandeur of music, dance and food, the ballroom exhibitions, confetti blasts and precisely, all other attractions at the event are specially designed to make the evening magical. No wonder, with all that is out there, you can gear for a roaring VIP treatment. All you have to do is make your bookings well on time so that you don’t miss out on all the amazing levels of excitement that lie in wait. Be it the multi-course meals and exotic cocktails or the very allure of the venue, everything about the evening is all set to be larger than life.