The theme for this year’s White Rose Gala is the Roaring 20s yet again. And if you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the glamorous 20s fashion, you must start planning your costume and get it all in place well in advance. The last minute rush is always a bad idea when you can get things done in such better ways while there still is plenty of time left. And if you are relying on your jeans as a backup, forget about attending the Gala because you wouldn’t be allowed to enter unless you are appropriately dressed as per the theme.

For New Years Eve White Rose Gala

In case you are looking for inspiration, you can turn to The Great Gatsby for all the sequined sheath dresses, jazzy pantsuits, feather accessories, jewelled headbands, fedora hats and more. Or you could look at the pictures of the previous year’s event to be sure of how exactly it’s all going to be.

Dressing up like it was the 1920s again would mean a lot of Chicago-style and the golden glow of New Orleans. Perfect shoes, short bob-hairstyles for women and energetic music would set the right mood for the party. Keeping all that in mind, plan a costume that is comfortable, despite being glitzy and easy to move in and also, flattering you perfectly at the same time. You can also take a dress on rent if you do not wish to have it lying in your wardrobe unnecessarily. Bold make up for women and a confident elegance are the keys to remember as you join the celebrations for welcoming the New Year.