New Year’s Eve is only a few days away – the time to break the old resolutions and make new ones. The most awaited time in the whole of the world is finally here and it sure isn’t going to be a dull time in Denver as it is hosting the most happening event of the year.

Friends, family, partners or lovers – there is an alluring event on the list for everyone. Welcome this new year in a way that sets the right theme for the entire year that will follow – get high on music, dance, glamour and fun that has no limits.

new year eve party

If you were planning to have a quiet time at home with only a few close friends and family, be sure to feel sorry because the White Rose Gala is going o be grand. It is bound to arouse your body, mind and soul. Come take look at the biggest New Year’s Eve party and decide for yourself.

White Rose Gala is a name that defines what a party should be like! Spellbinding music, glamorous costumes, live band, enchanting performances, confetti blast at midnight, ballroom dance exhibitions – all this and much more awaits you at the Denver’s most awaited night of the year where hundreds of others will be joining you in a celebration that will last longer than a lifetime.

So, put on your dancing shoes, get into your costumes and be ready for the BIG Night!